Half off Appetizers on Fridays Was the Best

The Princess Mary Restaurant was famous for its half off appetizers on Fridays. I can recall many nights when we’d have tons of customers flooding the restaurant around dinner time on Fridays.

It was absolutely nuts and as a waitress I enjoyed it because it meant more tips for me and I do love seeing our customers happy.

During my off days I would sometimes come to the Princess Mary Restaurant and enjoy half off appetizers as well.

I would bring my family and they would have a blast, especially my grand mother who very much liked the chicken tenders that we serve.

We had the best chicken tenders in the area and not other restaurant could compete. It didn’t surprise us that our business increased by nearly 4x when Friday rolled around!

People really loved to get their food at the Princess Mary Restaurant and we don’t blame them.

If I knew a restaurant had waiters like me working there I would be coming back every week!

I really did a great job working there before it got closed down.

Working at The Princess Mary Restaurant will always been an epic highlight of my life

A Short Guide on How to Increase Fertility Naturally

The first step a woman must take if she wants to raise children is to first conceive them with her partner. However, conceiving a child is not as easy as it sounds because the woman needs to be fertile enough for this to happen successfully. Some women are simply not fertile enough to bear children; so they struggle with their partners for weeks and sometimes months with little to no progress. What most women don’t know is that there is a way to increase fertility without taking any pills or medicine. If you wish to learn how to increase fertility naturally then continue reading.

Weight control is definitely an important factor that must be considered. Doctors recommend that a woman maintain a healthy body mass index and weight to be able to conceive children with no problems. If a woman has a large body mass index she should work on lowering her weight and eating healthier. These types of lifestyle modifications will benefit the woman in other areas of life besides having children. Another factor that is important when it comes to increasing fertility naturally is managing stress. Women that are constantly under stress have a difficult time conceiving children. This is because the body’s hormones need to work in an appropriate way to increase fertility and stress does not aid in this process.

Other factors that can increase fertility naturally would be limiting drugs and alcohol. These dangerous substances should not be taken by pregnant women anyway because they can cause serious birth defects. Not only do they affect the unborn child, substances such as tobacco and alcohol lower the fertility of a woman drastically. If a woman is serious about learning how to increase fertility naturally, she should make the necessary lifestyle modifications that will help her accomplish this.