This Pokemon Go Hack Would’ve Increased Restaurant Sales for a Month

If our restaurant was still around, I’m sure our sales would have been through the roof during the month of July.

Why? Well since we are stationed near a middle school, and most of our customers are teenagers between 1-3 pm, we would have had a ton of people gather in our restaurant to play the new Pokemon Go game.

Our restaurant was sort of like the meeting area for kids. They would always come in after school for food and to hang out.

We made a lot of money and got good business from these kids, and with the release of Pokemon Go we would have drawn even more kids to our restaurant.

But what exactly is Pokemon Go?

It is a new game that came out in July 2016. The goal of the game is very simple, to catch as many Pokemon as you can. Pokemon can be found anywhere and they appear on your phone screen as you walk around.

One thing that would definitely happen is everyone would be on their phones while eating because they’d be constantly trying to catch new Pokemon.

I’ve never played the game, but apparently you can also battle other Pokemon in gyms.

Sounds like fun, although I never really got into Pokemon when I was younger.

The game has a ton of in game items you can purchase using Pokecoins. These items vary from tools that help you catch more Pokemon, to Pokeballs, and more.

In order to get Pokecoins, you need to buy them with cash.

The kids that entered our restaurant were always the crafty type of children so it would be no surprise to me if they found a Pokemon Go Hack that granted free unlimited Pokecoins.

I’m sure there are already a ton of them out there right now.

I’m just glad there’s a way for these children to enjoy playing Pokemon with Pokecoins instead of having to spend their own money.

One website that calls themselves Free Pokemon Go Hack lets users generate over 99 million Pokecoins per use! This is simply amazing, that is plenty of Pokecoins for any player.

If our restaurant was still around I’m pretty sure our business would be booming.

We’d probably have a similar scenario when Diep io came out.

The Diep Io Hack Craze That Took over Our Restaurant

diep io titleThe Princess Mary Restaurant was located near a middle school and because of this we would get a LOT of kids coming in to eat around 2-3 pm.

Normally we would have no problem with this, who doesn’t like a plentiful business right?

But there was a period of time where we simply could not handle the influx of loud and noisy children that were entering our establishment to eat.

The management, the waiters, and myself all scratched our heads and began to wonder, what is all the commotion about with these kids and why are they so over excited?

Sooner or later we found out after over hearing some conversations.

Apparently a new game had been released at the time called Diep io.

We knew nothing about this game but from what we over heard you get to control tanks and blow things up. After hearing that we knew right away why these kids were flocking to this game.

It wasn’t just the game that was causing all this excitement though. There was this Diep io hack tool that almost everyone was talking about in the restaurant on any given day.

Apparently the hack would grant max upgrades to anyone who used it. We quickly saw how this could cause a huge influx of excitement.

From digging a bit deeper we found out that the kids were using the max upgrades from the Diep io hack tool to destroy other players.

They would start their games with the strongest tanks and unstoppable stats that would allow them to start crushing in the game immediately.

It made sense why the kids always seemed to be playing on their phones while they were eating food. It’s because they were starting new games with max upgrades and blowing up everyone else.

The game itself is fairly interesting.

Normally you would start off at level 1 with no upgrades and with a basic tank. You would then have to level up your tank by killing units on the map and gaining experience.

When you gain enough experience you can level up and start upgrading your stats. That’s the proper way to play the game.

These kids were definitely not excited to play the game the proper way, so they found a nice little hack to keep themselves entertained.

Kids Playing Roblox and Getting Free Robux at the Restaurant

One of the most surprising things that happened while I was working at the Princess Mary Restaurant was during a time when a new game was being played a lot by the children who visited the restaurant.

The game was called Roblox and apparently you needed Robux to enjoy the game because that was the in game currency.

I remember I would see tons of kids coming into the restaurant after school and trading free Robux with each other. It was kind of interesting because I had no idea what the game was or how it was played, it was definitely the hottest game at the time. Sort of like how World of Warcraft became super popular when it came out.

From time to time the children would make a loud ruckus about their game. I was curious, what could they be possibly making so much noise about so I did look up the game at one point.

Apparently it’s a sandbox game in which you build your own virtual world and can invite your friends to join and play with you.

Definitely sounds like a very social game which is good. Kids should be playing TOGETHER rather than alone, in my opinion.

One interesting event that I remembered distinctly was when one child stood on top of a restaurant table and yelled out happily “YES I GOT FREE ROBUX”.

I think back then the kids found some kind of website similar to this one: Free Robux Generator. And they were using these generator sites to get as much Robux as they needed.

It was a cool little trick and I can see why they would be super excited to find something like this, especially if it worked.

The most surprising thing of this all is that most of the time the parents of these children were no where to be found.

I’m all for letting kids have their freedom, but sending a group of 14-15 year olds into a restaurant on their own sounds like they’d make the place their playground.

Luckily for me, the boy standing on a table was the most extreme case that I’ve seen.

Guys Trying to Get a Girl to Like You at the Restaurant

One of the most common things that I have seen while working as a waitress at The Princess Mary Restaurant is the amount of guys who try to attract girls or women by hitting on them.

There have been tons of times that I have experienced this same scenario: as I’m taking the order of a gentleman, he is showering me with compliments and giving me that look.

I can’t say I don’t like the attention, sure it feels great, having several guys trying to work hard and figure out how to get a girl to like you but after some time it does get bothersome.

I’ve heard some crazy stories from my co-workers on this exact topic. One of my friends told me that she use to serve this same gentleman who would come into the store every Tuesday at a certain time.

She said that he knew she worked Tuesday afternoons so he planned to come in every week to get the opportunity to hit on her.

Well, it turns out that this had gone on for months on end, the same man coming in to eat, and every time he did, he would try to get her number or ask her out on a date in some form or another.

My friend said at first it was flattering that he was interested in attracting women like her but things eventually turned creepy.

One day, after about several months, the man came in with flowers and chocolates and presented it to her in the middle of the store.

It was definitely the most surprising experience she ever had while working at the restaurant, needless to say the flowers and chocolates did not work out in the man’s favor.

My friend had to turn him down lightly and eventually the man stopped coming in every Tuesday afternoon to get food.

The story was entertaining to say the least but it made me think that most guys are absolutely clueless when it comes to getting a girl interested in them.

My friend agreed and she pointed out that most guys should get expert dating advice, perhaps read some dating books such as “Dating Manual Vol 1” or other check out some Wikipedia articles.

Would that mean that if this man presented himself differently my friend would have gone out with him?

I wouldn’t say so, but it would have for sure saved him the embarrassment of creating that scene which did not work out in the end.

Nevertheless, it was always entertaining to hear stories like this.

It made working at the restaurant more fun; hearing the latest gossip and who was the next creepy old man trying talk to the new waitress in the skimpy outfit.